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凪 ~CALM~

The message from your dear one to you

CALM(Glass): スタッフ紹介

In loving memory glass urn
Made for the first time ever in the world!

CALM(Glass): 動画

Change from a container for the remains  to a work of art.

After consultation with the artist , CALM was created to be a work of art to be appreciated only after the remains are placed in it, not just to hold the remains like conventional  urns.The design has been improved from the initial concept to the current design.

CALM(Glass): テキスト

The design of the bottle, inspired by a message bottle traveling across the ocean, was created with the thought of the deceased departing for a new world after their journey in this world, and the hope that the deceased could send a message to the bereaved family with the beautiful light shining through the glass.

CALM(Glass): 私たちについて

In addition to the above, kokuri also offers custom-made products to respond customers' requests with sincerity.

CALM(Glass): テキスト
CALM(Glass): Featured Product


Since she was a child, she has loved being in contact with nature.

When she was a university student, she had an opportunity to exposed to glass making and found it fascinating, so she studied abroad at a university on the Danish island of Bornholm.
She took a year off during her studies to train and work for several artists, mainly in Scandinavia.

She returned to Japan after following her course of glass making study and continued to work on glass in Toyama Prefecture, one of the leading glass cities in Japan.
She has been independent since 2011.

She is a glass artist who has attracted the attention of major companies, including a solo exhibition at the Ginza Gallery in 2022

CALM(Glass): 私たちについて


Free shipping regardless of delivery area.

The urn is placed in a special paulownia box, signed by a potter and delivered.

CALM(Glass): 配送ポリシー


If the above pattern does not apply or if you would like a custom order, please contact us from the following.

The transmission is complete.

CALM(Glass): お見積もり
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