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DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): スタッフ紹介

DENSHICHIGAMA of Higo Kouda ware.

Introduction of "DENSHICHI GAMA"by Mr. Aoki

DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): 動画


Pottery  is said to have spread from the Korean Peninsula 400 years ago in Japan. In Kyushu, there are many potteries that were born around that time. Among them, Kouda ware (Yatsushiro ware) took root in Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture.   DENSHICHIGAMA(The pottery named ‘Denshichi’ ) was established about 100 years ago in the same vein.

DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): テキスト
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Currently, Katsuhiro the 3rd, his sister Hisami, and Osamu the 2nd are working on this project.
They are preserving traditional craftsmanship and creating works that fit the modern age while preserving the good old days.

DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): 私たちについて


DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): テキスト


Depending on the firing temperature and mixing glaze, the potter's clay from this region turns a rustic and warm gray color. This is a characteristic color of Kouda ware, which can be produced only from the potter's clay mined in this area called Hinagu.

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DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): 私たちについて


Before the clay dries, the surface is made uneven using a spatula or ink pad.
Then they pour engobe of different textures on it, and shave off to create a unified pattern of the base and engobe after letting it dry to some extent.

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DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): スタッフ紹介


Fine-grained clay is essential for Zogan(inlaying) . If the clay is too rough, gaps will form between the surface and the clay, and the clay will crack during the Zogan(inlaying) process or when it is fired.This is why making the clay is so important.The clay as a raw material is pulverized and sifted ,after that it is mixed with water and stirred. While transferring the liquid mixture of water and potter's clay,it is filtered to remove impurities. The liquid is filtered over and over again to increase its purity. At the end of the process, what accumulates at the bottom of the urn becomes the clay for Kouda ware.  Then the water content is adjusted as the clay dries and it is ready to be used at last.

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DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): スタッフ紹介

Here for a video of making clay.

DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): 動画


When a fired piece cools down, the difference in the expansion rate between the material and the glaze causes minute cracks in the hardened glaze layer. It does not affect the strength of the piece.
The color of the piece will gradually changes little by little over the years due to Kannyuu(crazing). This is a phenomenon unique to  this pottery that can only be experienced by the holder.

Kannyuu(crazing) occurs immediately after the piece is removed from the kiln. There is a tone that is produced at that time.This is a recording of the precious tone.

DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): リスト


Choose an urn design by combining two types of shapes, "oval" and "cylindrical", and three types of patterns, "single cherry blossom", "belt-shaped cherry blossom", and "cloud and crane".

Please select by referring to past work examples.

Please choose a size.There are 4 sizes from 4sun to 7sun.Sun is a length unit in the traditional East Asian system of weights and measures.1sun≒1.19inch

The price is determined by the combination of design and size you choose.

DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): テキスト
DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): Featured Product
DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): Pro Gallery


Free shipping regardless of delivery area.

The urn is placed in a special paulownia box, signed by a potter and delivered.

DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): 配送ポリシー


If the above pattern does not apply or if you would like a custom order, please contact us from the following.

The transmission is complete.

DENSHICHI GAMA(Porcelain): お見積もり
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