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Please choose the design of the urn in combination.


☆4 Sizes 『4sun』『5sun』『6sun』『7sun』

(Sun is a length unit in the traditional East Asian system of weights and measures.1sun≒1.19inch)


☆2 Colours『gray(seijiyuu)』『dark gray(kuro kouda)』


☆2 Shapes 『oval』『cylindrical』


☆3 Patterns 『single cherry blossom』『belt-shaped cherry blossom』『cloud and crane』


☆2 Engraved Character type 『English』『Convert to KANJI NAME』


The price is determined by the combination of design and size you choose.


●The urn on the left of the first photo is an urn with 『dark gray(kuro kouda)』『oval』『belt-shaped cherry blossom』 selected.


●The urn on the right of the first photo is an urn with 『gray(seijiyuu)』『cylindrical』『single cherry blossom』 selected.


PriceFrom $4,850.00
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