Stone called MAKADOISHI

Introduction of "MAKADOISHI"(Makado stone) by Mr. Nishi, a potter



Kumamoto is one of the famous place where there are many mysterious things in Japan.

Legendary rare stones ,even Japanese people do not know much about, are in Kumamoto.

Stones called "MAKADOISHI"

The oldest dynasty in the world" that lasts more than 2,000 years.

One of the things that Japan can be proud of is the imperial family.

When the emperor, the lord of imperial family, died,  stones had been used placing in the coffin was "MAKADOISHI"


We earnestly hope that you will have a precious stones with thousands of years of history.


Basic modeling

Basic base shape

Octagon Mold

A model cut out in an octagonal shape on the outside and in a cylindrical shape on the inside

Cylindrical Mold

A model cut out in a cylindrical shape both on the outside and on the inside